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Accelerating Contract first
Specification Development &
Quality through Standards,
Collaboration & Governance
Built on OpenAPI
Accelerating Contract first
Specification Development &
Quality through Standards,
Collaboration & Governance
Built on OpenAPI

Why Acuwize?

 With the advent of Blockchains, Partner APIs and Contract first approaches, collaboration among partners and/or community members become even more challenging.   Existing tools cater to technical development roles only.  They require deep knowledge of OpenAPI to develop models and interfaces. In addition,  static documents written in word and/or spreadsheets, and shared via emails  among  members with various roles, create challenges to the specification development process. 

Acuwize has developed an unique authoring and governance platform which may be used by a community of both internal and external participants, with multiple roles, within a collaborative process.  Using Acuwize Portal, authors of the specification can built quality OpenAPI based models and interfaces, and use the same tool to build documentation just like editing a word document.   All versions of specification are tracked within scalable GitHub repository. 


Design quality specifications within minutes with very little technical knowledge of OpenAPI. Built with intuitive UI driven approach, authors can design the specification content with ease and accuracy. They can create enumerated lists, insert images and tables which are stored within the same file along with schemas and interface definitions. The combined file adheres to OpenAPI standard which enables it to be single source of truth. Since file is 100% standards compliant which makes it readable by both the humans and machines alike.


Work with peers and partners in a collaborative process to seek contribution and feedback through out the entire lifecycle of specification development process. Members may use in-context forums to post questions, seek clarifications on specific topic. Community can rate forum contributions with thumbs up/down ratings and also vote for "best answer". Members earn reward points and badges for their contribution. Greater the participation from members, more points they accumulate. Feedback from the community can be tracked and used to further enhance the specification.


Community may search through existing ideas or submit new ones.  Each idea is assigned a unique Idea number. Ideas are voted by the community with thumbs up/down. Top 10 ideas may be used by work group chairs to enhance existing specifications. Complete Documentation Workflow – New idea, idea selected, idea reviewed, under development, release in a newer version of specification is tracked within the portal.


Be recognized by your peers and partners to earn your spot in the “Hall of Fame”. Members are rewarded with points and badges for being good conversation starters, problem solvers, Idea generators, Innovators and/or just being a great conversationalist. You have two ways to manage your reputation within Acuwize: achieve Champion Levels and acquire Badges. You may also be inducted into the Hall of Fame as you continue to help others succeed!


Navigate artifacts across the enterprise in an easily searchable and manageable online knowledge Portal. Whether you work with a couple of specification and collaborators, or manage a large program with both internal and external participants, we’ve made sharing specifications, tracking changes, managing dependencies, and creating styles a breeze. Each model attribute or interface is assigned a human readable URL. You can reference and link with works of other contributors, which promotes reuse and extensibility.


Build an effective governance strategy that compliments your community's current practices with a clear view of the current state of design and documentation. A Linting tool automatically validates against predefined or custom style rules within the specification. The tool provides an user friendly description of each violation which promotes adherance to Best Practices.
In addition, community votes on Ideas are stored in a blockchain which enables best features to be prioritized and included in the best version of the specification in a decentralized trusted manner.


As the number of workgroups increases, and specification sizes grow, platform should be able to accommodate higher volumes and file sizes. In many of products we tested, when we tried to upload a large OpenAPI specification file, their website froze.
In addition, powerful library management capability allows you to better organize common schemas, and avoid duplicates by reusing across specifications.


Out of box Acuwize comes with the roles of general members, Administrators, Editors and forum moderator. General members can view specifications, interact on forums and/or post ideas. S/he can also give thumbs up ratings to forum answers, and provide thumbs up and down approval to ideas.
Editors can edit specification. Administrators can restrict access to each specification for any general member.


Use our discussion forums to pose questions, explore ideas, and discuss specifications. Vote thumbs up and down and select best answers.


Share your ideas on product enhancements, vote, and comment on your favorite ideas. Top 10 voted ideas may be included in the next version of the specification.


All the versions of the specification along with version history is stored in GitHub. Find documentation to help you prepare for a successful transition to the latest release.