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Hall of Fame

Share your Knowledge. Be Recognized.

Manage your Reputation. Strengthen your Personal Brand.

Your reputation matters – especially within a collaborative and dynamic community composed of peers, partners, and even competition. By becoming a trusted member of the community, your professional reputation and the personal brand get a significant boost.

And it’s easy to do. You have two ways to manage your reputation within Acuwize: achieve Champion Levels and acquire Badges. You may also be inducted into the Hall of Fame as you continue to help others succeed!

Here, we recognize members whose significant contributions – be it through posting on forums, commenting on other member’s posts, or submitting great ideas – earned them entry into our Hall of Fame. Top Member themes rotate every month.

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    Jitendra Kothari
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    Priyangaa Madheswaran
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    Saravana Kannan
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    Pavan Kumar
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    Pavithra M
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    Sara Singh
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Blue Ribbon
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Silver Trophy
Gold Trophy

The Leaderboard recognizes members who have achieved Black Diamond, Gold Crown, Silver Crown, and Bronze Crown champion levels through top postings, comments and contributions. Members who achieve Leaderboard status consistently share their expertise, solutions and best practices with the community, thus establishing their reputations as knowledge experts on Cloud Customer Connect.

Silver Trophyacuwize
Gold TrophyJitendra Kothari
Blue RibbonPavithra M
Red RibbonPavan Kumar
Bronze TrophySaravana Kannan
Green RibbonSara Singh